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November 5, 2008

Oh no Oh my! – Dimitrij Dimitrij EP

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The brilliantly titled opener “Wham bam thank you spaceman” starts off in a very promising way with its spooky intro. The song doesn’t disappoint, and the rolling rhythm keeps a great tempo at the same time as the rest of it has a background of sadness and melancholy. Halfway into the song there is a brilliantly ambient guitar sound before the second half builds up to its crescendo.

This indie four-piece from the vibrant music scene of Austin, Texas are a new introduction to this reviewer, albeit a very promising one. They utilise a multitude of instruments to create emotion and ambience in their songs and are, lest we forget, incredibly catchy at the same time.

Most of the songs on “Dimitrij Dimitrij” are upbeat in their tempo but melancholy in sound. It’s only the second song, The boy with an anchor that has a cheerfulness which is slightly out of place. Variety is something to applaud but it is when Oh no oh my! write emotional songs that they excel. More of that on the full length album please.

“Dimitrij Dimitrij” is still an interesting collection of pop songs and it evokes a mood that is perfect for the current season. – Mirza Gazic

New review, was published yesterday on Jerseybeat. Go and read it suckers, right here. No time for any blurbs today, I’m off home to listen to Witch’s album “Paralyze, that I traded today at a record store in Camden. I left them some crappy promo albums and those free cd’s you always get from magazines.


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