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October 9, 2008

New review, new site to write for

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I have just started writing for a new site; Jersey Beat Magazine. It’s an American site, based in New Jersey, as you already might have guessed, brilliant citizens that you all are.

Anyway, it’s a pretty cool website and it definitely deserves to be checked out. There is some good reading to be done and great bands to discover there. My first review published there is of the new Toxic Holocaust album “An overdose of death” which was rip-roaringly brilliant. I love thrash metal and it was a real pleasure to review this, after the slightly painful experience of having to listen to power metal last week (see previous post).

A few more pieces of writing are to come quite soon, possibly before the end of the week.

Here is the Toxic Holocaust review in all its lifechanging glory. Check it out on Jersey Beat as well and have a browse around the site.

Toxic Holocaust – An Overdose of Death (Relapse)

by Mirza Gazic

There are a few modern thrash metal bands that need to be mentioned when the recent revival of that classic scene is discussed. These bands have undeniably spearheaded the new wave and are at the forefront of it these days. Municipal Waste is on of them. Brazil’s Violator is another group of young musicians taking it to the next level.

Boston’s one man show Toxic Holocaust also belongs in the upper echelon. Young Joel Grind has already earned plenty of underground credibility through his previous two recordings, which were raw and visceral creations. He now has the backing of Relapse records, Jack Endino has produced, and Donny Paycheck from legendary loonies Zeke is playing the drums on An Overdose of Death.

It’s an exhilarating listen from start to finish. “Wild dogs” instantly gets the blood rushing with its fast tempo and solid drive. The barbed wire vocals also add more menace to an album that is already steeped in evil vibes. This is not complicated music but relies on pure energy and riffs that are, for lack of a better word, catchy. This is not meant in a soft, poppy way but simply means that they are instantly memorable and made to be experienced live.

The reason that Toxic Holocaust is so good can be traced to one simple premise; that all good metal has a solid punk backbone. This is unmistakeably thrash metal but the energy and the pace here belongs in old hardcore punk and rock’n roll. “Future shock” and “The lord of the wasteland” are two tunes that even sound more like Motorhead than they themselves have done for the past decade.

An Overdose of Death is a brilliant metal album and shows that thrash is in safe hands for some time to come.

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