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January 19, 2010

Mount – Three Song Demo

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Review by Mirza Gazic (StonerRock.com) – link to site and review
Self Released
Release date: 2010

This northern English band – they have since, according to their site, changed the band name to Maars – make themselves known with a nifty three-song demo sounding as if it was delivered straight from the seventies. They’re slow, pondering blues songs stripped of any excess – raw and bare boned and they make you wish this demo had more music on it. This is surprisingly good considering it is coming from a still unsigned band.

“Hassle” is a soulful piece with a distorted, rumbling bass as intro; the vocals are rich and expressive and the song is a perfect introduction to the bands rootsy blues-rock. The closer “Garden” is a similar offer but it is slightly longer and is given time to slowly build up, seeming like the band just warmed up and got comfortable. Only the middle song breaks the mould and is a straight forward rock ’n roll song – it’s perhaps the weakest of the three but strong nevertheless.

The sound is of expected demo quality; once this Leeds group have the means to record in a decent studio and write more songs they have the potential for reach. The genre may be difficult to get huge in but they at least have the skill to be as good as another English blues-rock band – Firebird.


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