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September 23, 2008

More reviews – On Clickmusic

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It’s been a bit quiet here during the last week but I haven’t really had much to report. This blog is for the most part in an existing state because I want to link to all the writing that I’ve done. Apart from that I’m not much of a blogger, partly due to the fact that I have never had one.

This may change in the future. We shall see.

In the meantime I have some more reviews published. Three to be exact, but they are only single reviews and thus short, snappy and hopefully decent reading.

To read them go to the Clickmusic site.

Mystery Jets – Half in love with Elizabeth

Bec & Beth – Bec & Beth ep. I really enjoyed this one. Mellow and dreamy, definitely worth a look.

The Invisible – Monster’s waltz.

September 10, 2008

New review published – The Pack A.D. – Funeral Mixtape

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I love discovering new bands. It truly is a great feeling when you put a record on by a band you’ve never heard of before and it turns out to be a dazzling piece of music.

This ocurred last week when I received The Pack A.D’s second album in the post. They’re two girls, playing nothing more than guitar and drums and they play some of the best blues I’ve heard from a contemporary band. It was a very pleasing feeling and I’ve been listening to it every day since.

I reviewed the album for Clickmusic and today they posted it on their web site.

Click here to read the full review and keep your eyes out for more writing coming up.


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